A service for clients who require support and maintenance for their website, ensuring that your online web investment is protected and that your web site(s) evolve to meet existing and future customer demands.

Whether you operate a simple single page website, or a much complex site, Dezignscene is able to assist and support you. 

Our maintenance service helps business owners maximise the potential of their online investment, helping them to make decisions concerning the effectiveness and future direction of their web presence. Together we are able to help our clients build, progress and achieve their internet objectives.

Our Maintenance and Update Service

Your website was a significant investment for your business, but has it remained a business asset or has it become an administrative burden? Only you and your customers really know the answer to that, but by keeping your website up to date with company information, news, product details or with promotions it makes your business look credible and helps to engage with your customers ensuring they visit you online time and again.

Our maintenance and support service offers value for growing online enterprises. It is a fact that search engines such as Google rate websites with changing content more important than those that don't. This directly affects your ranking within Google and has an impact on how potential customers find your site. So having design support that can quickly and efficiently update your website as requested, is a key point to keeping you visible to your customers.

NB: If an error in a clients content management system occurs and affects their website due to client mistake e.g. accidental deletion of page, content disappeared, colours changed, page or website layout out of alignment, photos lost etc. then sorry to have it fixed designer charges client the hourly rate below, or if not an easy fix, IT Team will have to do it. They quote a rate prior to work being carried out, and once client approves quote, the fix-it maintenance is carried out.

Website Maintenance Rate

$100 per hour with a minimum charge of $70 for work less than an hour

Services Free of Charge

  • Chat about your web site and design requirements
  • Provide quotes for work
  • Confirm availability of a domain name and help client purchase
  • Query accounts history
  • IT Team fix any errors/bugs the system has created in either your website or ours
  • Ongoing behind the scenes template maintenance and updates by IT Team
  • Investigate any issues that are relevant to tools under our control, direct 
    you to the best workaround, or provide a quote to resolve the issue
  • IT Team investigate and resolve domain name server issues
  • Designer one time 5-10 minute training session over the phone with client