Welcome to our simple overview of how the Internet works in relation to your everyday life. There are four basic components to enable your proposed website to 'Go Live' or be seen on the World Wide Web. You cannot have one without the other:

  • www. short for World Wide Web
  • is a Domain Name or otherwise also known as the URL, website address
  • Web Site, pages with your marketing content inserted
  • Hosting Fees, payment for your website to go live on the www.


Basic Costs to have Your Website Live on the World Wide Web 24/7

  • WEB SITE FEE - NZ$ Web Designers fee to construct your personalised professional website
  • HOSTING COSTS - NZ$7 +gst per month, or discounted if paid in advance over a chosen period through us

NB: You cannot have one without the other



Have you 

about building your own DIY web site?  


Yes but not sure
if I can

If you have great computer skills, can enhance photos using PhotoShop or similar, and you have an eye for detail, then you can!

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  • You can have more than one Domain Name or Web Address (both mean the same thing) pointing or connected to your website
  • If you already own a .nz Domain Name you purchased somewhere else, we do not charge you any fees to transfer it over to us
  • Make sure you buy your Domain Name before you Register or setup a new Company or business (Better still - search for a Domain Name and buy or register it before you settle on a business name), or as soon as you realise that at some point you will need a website, otherwise the disappointment will be great when you realise someone else has purchased it before you!
  • We can what we call, Free Park your Domain Name until you are ready to use it, meaning there will be no extra charges to you for not using the Domain Name straight away. There will only be the normal yearly cost of $38.
  • Your website when live on the World Wide Web = www, will be available for searchers 24 hours a day from all over the World. There are misconceptions that if you live in New Zealand only people here will be able to view your website, this is not true and our free Statistics Report generated daily for our customers will verify this for you
  • Using our Free CMS Content Management System you will be able to go in behind your website and make all the changes you desire; add or remove pages, add or remove photos, change prices, change content, change contact details etc. You are in full control, the website is yours, there is no need to pay anyone when you need changes made if you can do it yourself
  • Your website must be optimised page by page to be found by the Search Engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Some people only have the home page done, some are unaware they don't have any optimisation at all. You can have the best website built, but if it's not optimised (SEO website marketing behind the scenes of your website) no one will find it on the internet. If you commission us to build your website we do it for you in the cost quoted, no extras!
  • Hosting fees start from NZ$7 +gst per month, depending on the size (pages and photos) of your website and the traffic (visitors or customers) that find or use your website. Once you use more than the allocated usage you will then have to upgrade to another Hosting plan, click here to view. This does not happen over night so no need to worry, and for many websites never does
  • More questions, contact lynda lee web designer