We have our own fully integrated e-commerce website solution that tailors all of the best of e-commerce development and design to create user friendly shopping cart websites that are easy to use, operate, make selling your products online a breeze, accept credit card payments, and advanced tools to grow your online sales capabilities.

Sequence of average online sales experience

  1. Customers view your online categories and/or products
  2. Customers select and add product/s to shopping cart
  3. Customer proceeds to check out
  4. System calculates freight and sales tax and discounts if any, and determines a final price
  5. Customer may enter vouchers or promo codes to reduce the final price
  6. Customer enters their delivery details and any customised checkout questions
  7. Customer selects method of payment, then pays through a payment gateway, internet banking or other chosen payment system 
  8. Customer and merchant both receive an order notification and payment receipt by email
  9. Merchant sends the goods with a shipping docket
  10. Merchant has the opportunity to view sales reports
  11. All Customers are automatically integrated into the online database for advertising via emailed newsletter at a later date

How much does the Shopping Cart Software cost?

You pay us nothing extra for our shopping cart software, its free!  Shopping carts are included for free in most hosting plans. There are no costs from our perspective for providing you with a shopping cart, only a charge for building your e-commerce shop and inserting your products. There is no setup fee and there is no additional hosting fee. Please note however that the hosting plan is dependent on how many products you have. If you have more than 10 products, then you will need to pay for a higher hosting plan. If you require training, then additional fees may apply for that.

However, your chosen bank and/or payment gateway may charge you a set-up fee, and/or monthly/annual fee, and/or transaction fee, and/or remittance fee. There are some payment options that cost you nothing per month, such as PayPal and our New Zealand SwipeHQ, both equally good as they only charge you a % of your customers purchase.

Example of Dezignscene E-commerce CMS Content Management System


Contact Dezignscene to chat about your e-commerce, online store options and requirements before you make a decision to go with another web designer. Doesn't matter where you live, we believe in providing our clients withe good old fashion 'one on one' service and support. You can either email info@dezignscene.co.nz, phone 021 309 216. Look forward to chatting with you soon.

   Timing is everything when it comes to E-commerce and the timing was now! We asked several site developers to cut out this project in quick time but none were able to meet our requests or deadlines. That is until we met Lynda from Dezignscene, and that's when our business changed. Thanks to you Lynda Lee we've not only met our launch date but we now have a fantastic looking, sharp, professional, easy to use and E-commerce site that is ready to do business. Thanks Lynda!
JP - The Team @ Valley Ridge