Mobile Messaging Tools!

Mobile Messaging Tools!

Texta brings advanced mobile messaging automation tools in an easy-to-use interface at super-low rates with consistent delivery across all major networks. Best of all, professional, live support is always just a click away.

No more boring, clunky and out-dated SMS tools. Imagine being able to send out bulk SMS messages to your customers, prospects or members in a few easy steps cheaper than anywhere else in the country. Even better, their replies are FREE!!!

Join the SMS Marketing Revolution

Top Notch Delivery

One of the biggest challenges with SMS marketing is getting the text message delivered to the phone. Of all our competitors, we offer the best possible solution for delivery to all major networks in New Zealand.

High Performance

Our solution is designed for businesses of all shapes, sizes and flavours. With full-scale developer APIs and a robust web-based messaging platform, integration possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Easy to Use

Using our solution is as simple as putting together Lego blocks. Just sign up for a free account, purchase non-expiring prepaid credits and you're ready to start sending SMS campaigns to your customers.



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