Email Marketing Lists Clean

Email Marketing Lists Clean

ListWise is the secret weapon every successful bulk marketer uses to separate the wheat from the chaff.

When you acquire new lists, you rarely have any clues what percentage of those email addresses will bounce or end up as invalid. Of course every list broker will tell you that their list is "double opt in" and "100% clean", but you know better.

Considering you're a seasoned email marketer, you know the cost of sending bulk email to a list full of old, invalid, non-existent email addresses that will generate lots of bounces and cause you and your ESP a lot of grief.

ListWise is a mind-numbingly simple tool that intelligently cleans your list, gets rid of duplicates and potential bounces and gives you a clean, fresh list that you can then use for your email marketing efforts.

Email List Cleaning Reinvented

Introducing ListWise 2.0

  •   More spam trap indicators than ever before
  •   Extra accurate email address validation
  •   Detailed de-duplication & no-reply removal
  •   Precision automatic typo-fixing
  •   Faster global bounce-back checking

We analysed the results of the hundreds of millions of email addresses we have cleaned to design a new email list-cleaning engine that is more powerful than ever. Try ListWise II for free and take your email marketing performance to new highs.



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